The sessions of hirudotherapy, wiredplastic

The first session (consultation) – for free!

The average number of leeches per session – from 12 pieces, according to individual scheme performance.

Session duration about 2 hours, including video computer diagnostics, production of leeches, and the heating systems of compliance and maintenance of the ward until the end of the procedure.

The cost of 1 session – 3000 RUB

What is wiredplastic?

4b9a6f4baa1db2db78fc68aaf4d8cb9aWiredplastic – system rejuvenation and recovery with the help of a living creature – leech. Treated alive alive, like – like that! The safest way of self-healing – the use of the laws of nature and natural scientific approach in psychosomatic recreation.

Why it achieves the best effect?

Leeches (or Ghiradelli), with its life-giving enzymes saliva is capable to regain youth and good mood. To provide employment longevity and physical activity.

The use of a unique method.

A unique methodological approach developed and recommended by the International Academy of Education, allows the use of a living organism as a natural biological activator of metabolic and regenerative system. This psychosomatic method – know-how of a group of Russian scientists under supervision of Professor, Ph. D. Konkova Alla Sergeevnа does not have analogues in the world a well tional and cosmetic practice.

Contact us!

Call Russia for free! 8-800-100-88-46577e336717cff_morda

Efficiency and guaranteed results from a correct application of the cosmetic and homeopathic leeches.

The task of the first session

To investigate the psychosomatic problem, to find the emotional cause of the disorder. To make a diagnostic card. To develop a reflexology diagram of the productions of leeches on the first course of functional recovery of the human body.

Effect wiredplastic

доктор с пациентом

Achieved the effect of rejuvenation, of healing the body. Increased physical activity, emotional well-being. After a course is restored, the immune system, increases stress resistance and performance. Which is achieved by a balanced operation of three system:

The endocrine system

Includes energy pathways (meridians) that are responsible for the regeneration of new cells, metabolism, immunity, blood pressure and hormonal balance in the body.

Digestive system

Includes the energy paths of the organs (meridians), is responsible for the digestive system (gastrointestinal tract), immunine and creative and the emotional health factor.

Respiratory system

Includes energy pathways (meridians) responsible for the cardiovascular and respiratory system, which is responsible for emotional and mental attitude of the human body.

Sessions holds a doctor of psychology, Professor Alla Konkova S. 8(916)288-88-20

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