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Hirudotherapy and wiredplastic. Training in Moscow.


Our courses:

Brief: “the Use of homeopathic leeches” 8 academic hours: 5000 RUB;

Full: “Cosmetic hirudologist” 180 academic hours: 35 000 RUB, installment.

A short course of treatment: “the Use of homeopathic leeches”.

Number of academic hours:8.


5000 RUB

A certificate of the listener.

Course topics:

  • Biology of medicinal leeches (Hirudo medicinalis). Systematics. Structure. Ecology of wild leeches. Physiology nutrition. Reproduction and develСертификат слушателяopment.
  • Breeding leeches. The difference between “lead” and wild leeches. Maintenance, care and conservation of leeches inartificial conditions.
  • The secret of salivary glands of medical leeches. Receipt, composition, properties of biologically active substances.
  • The effect of leeches on healthy and abnormal tissue. Theoretical justification of the action of leeches on the microvasculature.
  • The mechanism of anti-inflammatory and dekorativnogo action.
  • Methods of setting leeches and “care” for them in the process of krovoisliania. Weaning leeches. Management of patients after krovoisliania leeches.
  • Individual approach in the choice of the number of leeches used and the method of consoles. Selection of leeches, the symptoms of their health. The art of choosing the place of consoles.
  • Complex issues of treatment. Complications, their prevention and methods of conducting.

To register for a course by phone 8-800-100-88-46

The full course of treatment: “Cosmetic hirudologist”.

Issued the diploma of the state sample!


Possible employment of the best experts!

Number of academic hours:      180.

Terms of training:

3 weeks on schedule 5/2 or 2 months according to the schedule 2/5 (on weekends). From 11:00 to 19:00.


35 000 RUB. 


– 9 000 RUB– 12 lectures – distance learning;

– 13 000 RUB– 1-e a week and a half learning practical skills;

– 13 000 RUB – 2-e a week and a half of the practical course!

Program specialization

  1. Introduction to the profession – 20 hrs.Photo of successful manager standing by whiteboard while the others listening to her
  2. The consultative process is 20 hours.
  3. Training of garadolag: – 90 hour.
  • professional identity
  • basic and professional skills

4. Problem-oriented counseling – 25 an hour.

5. Clinical psychodiagnostics – 13 hours.

6. Marketing and management in the sphere of practical psychology and body-oriented practices – 12 hours.

Courses of treatment include theoretical and practical seminars, trainings, workshops, individual Advisory sessions.

The program will help You:

  • to acquire a basic knowledge of reflexology and acupuncture;
  • learn the basics of psycho-diagnostics video-computer psychotherapy;
  • to master manual techniques that increase postanovochnyi effect of leeches;
  • to know what is homeopathy and how to write a phytotherapeutic prescription;
  • learn the basics of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).

Courses of treatment may take anyone with education above the secondary!

You can take our courses even without medical training!

Свидетельство о постановке на учёт МАО лицензия РАГС лицензия РАГС1

To clarify all questions by phone:

8 (800) 100-88-46 ( toll-Ross free)

8 (916)288-88-20 ( Alla Sergeevna)

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